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{ VARIOUS TF // music meme drabbles }

12 songs have mediocre little Transformers stories to them beyond the cut~

A lot of country songs are on here because my brother had me making CDs for him earlier today.

→ TF:2007
Baby Got Back by Sir Mix A Lot

It was another lazy Saturday afternoon at the drop off with nothing to separate it from any other day. Bumblebee sat parked a ways from the cliff's edge, watching his three human charges as they joked around, tossing about cans of soda and abusing his speakers.

He'd given up control of the radio for their sake, allowing them to shuffle around CDs instead. Bumblebee was, after all, never opposed to being introduced to new music. It was one of his favorite parts of the planet, the myriad of tones and lyrics the humans pieced together. No matter what the mood, there was always a song to match it.

Bumblebee was pulled out of his reverie, however, when a woman's voice filtered through his speakers and was immediately joined by laughter from the teenagers. Sam jumped up onto his feet, sloshing a bit of Pepsi from its can in the process, and Bumbelee watched in some confused amusement as he repitched his voice and spoke along with the woman.

"Oh my god, Becky, look at her butt!" he was saying to the intense amusement of Miles and Mikaela. "It is so big. She looks like one of those rap guys' girlfriend, but, tch--"

"Who understands those rap guys?" Mikaela cut in with no small hint of disdain in her voice.

Miles picked up the next line, giving the other two a meaningful look. "They only talk to her because she looks like a total prostitute, okay?"

Bumblebee did not understand the one-sided conversation, nor did he understand when Mikaela and Miles joined Sam on their feet and broke out into spastic, gyrating motions as a male declared his love for large posteriors very loudly through his speakers.

There were some songs that Bumblebee could not match a mood to.

→ TF:2007
Everywhere by Tim McGraw

They had grown up together. Sort of. Sam could remember watching her across the classroom from as early as that first day of the first grade. Even though girls were icky then, he could remember wondering if Mikaela would like a frog or a caterpillar if he found one for her.

The teachers had never let him hold one long enough to take it to her, though.

Even though he had grown up in Tranquility, though, he just couldn't stay there. He had to get out, to see the world. After meeting giant alien robots from outer space, his home town was just too small for forever.

But Mikaela...

He saw her sometimes when he passed through the smaller towns. Once when he was passing through a cute little beach town he could have sworn. With that dark hair....

Even though she'd stayed behind, he still saw her everywhere he went.

→ TF:2007
Stop And Stare by OneRepublic

Tranquility had never lived up to its name more. It was eerie, the silence that had fallen over the town. Bumblebee reminded himself that the silence was due to the fact that no one had lived in this area for over ten earth years. A few lone houses dotted the streets and weeds had overtaken the sidewalks.

He sat on the plot that had belonged to the Witwicky's all those years ago, absently tracing a circle in the dirt where Ron's fountain had almost, almost withstood the test of time. Someone would come looking for him soon, but for now he wanted nothing more than to watch the sun set on all those memories.

→ TF:A
Check Yes Or No by George Straight


It was an innocent little message. Someone had shot it over a private comm link in the middle of lectures in his first year of Academy, and it had been a struggle for Optimus not to jump. He registered the message with no small bit of surprise and, when Ironhide had turned his back, he tipped his head back carefully.

Elita-One just grinned at him.

→ TF:2007
Part of Your World by Skye Sweetnam

"What're these things?"

"Forks. We eat with them."

"Oh, okay....ooh, and these??"

"Candles. They make the place smell good."

"And what's thi--"

"Hey Jazz?" Mikaela cut in, smiling as patiently as she could at the holo of the resurrected Autobot. "I think Sam was yelling for you. Could you go see what he wants?"

"Oh, yeah, sure."

→ TF:A
Would You Catch A Falling Star by John Anderson

He had been the leader of a proud race. Respected in many cases, feared in all of them. Even disbanded, he had been recognized by Decepticons throughout the universe.

And now he was nothing more than a piece of furniture for an overweight organic imbecile.

He knew it was essential that he re-establish contact with his group, but when he first onlined again, the only thought in Megatron's processor was that he could not be seen this way.

→ TF:2007
Jerk It Out by The Caesars

Megatron tightened his grip on Starscream's throat, clawed fingertips dipping beneath the metal plating to press against the energon lines there. It was a silent warning that made the mouthy Decepticon twitch, stretching a bit to lighten the strain.

"You talk far too loudly, Starscream," Megatron growled.

→ TF:2007
In Between Lights by Ryan Cabrera

"...Witwicky? Sam Witwicky?"

The voice startled him into lifting his head, turning away from the line to find the source of the sound.

"Oh my god," he muttered, tucking a book underneath his arm and grabbing the hand reaching out towards him. "Uh, Trent, hey. Fancy meeting you here."

Wow, that sounded gay.

And he was surprised when Trent didn't point it out. He just chuckled and nodded, and they made quick small talk, and when the ex-jock left the coffee shop, Sam was left wondering over the effects a few years could have on a person.

→ TF:A
Tim's Diner by Suzanne Vega

Nobody else saw things quite the way Prowl did. They weren't patient enough for it, weren't observant enough. It was usually an endless source of annoyance, but there were times when that only seemed to make what he did see all the more meaningful.

So many strange little nuances to this planet. How fast everything ran, how diverse and evolving it and its people were.

Though he treasured the nature that overran the organic sphere, Prowl was gradually coming to understand how interesting the humans could be, too.

→ TF:2007
All-American Girl by Carrie Underwood

"....She's beautiful," Sam whispered as he cradled the little pink bundle, feeling awkward and complete and overcome with more emotions than he could put a name to. They translated into tears that skated down over his cheeks as he smiled hard enough to make his jaw hurt.

And he was surprised, so surprised by how easily all that blue in his dreams changed color.

→ TF:2007
Should've Been A Cowboy by Toby Keith

Ironhide didn't care one way or another about most of the humans' music. It was just more noise on an already loud planet to him for the most part. Even so, there were times when he actually paid attention to what Lennox was so fond of singing along to in his cabin.

He still wasn't sure what a New York minute was, and he had no idea who Gene and Roy were, but there was still something about the regret underneath the not-quite-jaunty tune that touched his spark in ways he'd never admit to anyone.

→ TF:A/2007
Enemies by Ryan Cabrera

Steam hissed out of his vents and a groan followed from his vocals as his systems overheated. The pleasant sparks of electricity faded, and he forcefully withheld a sound when the larger 'Con rolled off of him. As the pleasure of overload faded, the discomfort of the dents and scratches set in.

'You did this to yourself,' he thought, shifting obligingly when a large arm tugged him back against his bondmate.

It was not an affectionate gesture - it was a possessive one.

And as much as he sympathized with the Autobot cause, understood it perhaps more than their own, Optimus just couldn't find it within himself to actually regret the decision he'd made all that time ago.
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