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{ TF07 // drabbles for snarechan }

Miles & Sam // Forget me not // snarechan

They had been best friends since the middle of the fifth grade, which was good considering that was about the time Trent had gotten taller than the rest of them and established tyrannical rule over the class. Since then, they'd developed the sort of bond that rivaled that girly, BFF crap, only without the cliques and the regular, weepy declarations of said BFF crap.

So Miles noticed when Sam started changing, and he could pinpoint it to the moment: when Sam had pulled up in front of his house in that yellow car. Sure, the difference didn't become really obvious until Mikaela had gotten invovled, but regardless of what everyone thought, he wasn't really stupid. He knew it was the car.

And he didn't care, not really. It was awesome that Sam had a car, and good for him for finally getting ahold of Mikaela after all those years of pining over her. And if Sam wasn't ready to tell him why he'd missed school and turned back up covered in scratches and bruises, that was fine, too.

Miles just hoped that when all was said and done, Sam remembered that they were still friends.

Take Two
Barricade/Sam // Dominance // snarechan

A month. A whole month without government interference, alien warfare or Decepticons.

Sam should have known it was too good to be true.

When a massive black foot turned his new bike into scrap metal, he forcefully swallowed back the noise creeping up his throat and tucked himself further back into his hiding spot, ignoring the sweat beading down his temples and praying that the hulking figure hadn't seen where he'd run to.

The ground vibrated a bit with each deliberate, heavy footfall, and when Sam risked to lift his eyes, he nearly choked when he found bright red optics fixated on him.

'Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit...'

When Barricade arranged his features into a maliciously amused smile, Sam realized that any control he might have had over the situation was gone.

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